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Winners Summer 2023

Best Animation Short
Head in the Clouds

Director: Kaylee Tan

Writer: Kaylee Tian Lin Tan

Producers: Kaylee Tian Lin Tan, Rebe Chen

Country: United States

Genre: Animation

Overview: A quirky student who daydreams with her head high in the clouds must creatively elude her strict math teacher to remain there.

Director Statement: As a student growing up in a strict education system which valued math and science over art, Kaylee enjoyed math class. However, after she was introduced to art in secondary school, she fell in love with it. She finds creativity and joy in creating art.

Best Documentary Short

Director/Writer/Producer: John Parr

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Documentary

Overview: “A memoir of triumph over adversity and wounds no sword can make”. The true story of two elite soldiers severely injured in the line of duty. “Unconquered” charts their inspiring journey from the depths of despair to break the chains of life changing injuries to rise again.

Director Statement: From the moment we decided to make “Unconquered” I was on my honor. Not just to Dot and Dave, but to those whose every day is a battle to shed the chains of impediment. It has been the driving force for half my life. I cannot count the blessings I have received whilst striving to bring light to those less fortunate. Telling the truth of Dot and Dave’s story haunted me. These were elite, battle hardened soldiers, part of a brotherhood that few may enter. They honoured me with their stories and from then I had to weave a concise memoir that captured the whole 360 in just twenty eight minutes. Using the actual men to play themselves was critical, taking them back to the darkest moments of their life was tremendously challenging but I felt the film would not be true and I would be selling them and their incredible story short by casting actors. Even as shooting began I felt I was not getting to the heart of their story. It was early days but I was still an outsider walking on eggshells. As the shoot progressed they began to trust me, at least a little. It was the second day, we were sharing a soup in that freezing hanger and I went for it….. “How deep can I go?” Dot and Dave were puzzled…”How much of the dark stuff can I tell?” They just gave me the thousand yard stare and said “ Go for it!”

Best Drama Short
Food for Thought

Director/Writer: Christine Hann

Producers: Maria Belenkova-Buford, Anju Malhotra, Lori Zozzolotto, Christine Hann

Country: Canada

Genre: Drama

Overview: A retired accountant who volunteers at a local food bank struggles to understand that clients aren’t numbers and learns that food is a source of sustenance and dignity.

Director Statement: 'Food for Thought' is a fictional story based on my experience volunteering at my local food bank. The Executive Director is truly the most dedicated and inspiring person I have ever met. I was also humbled by the dedication of the volunteers. They all work together to do the most for the clients and community at large. It's important, especially in today's climate to put a spotlight on food insecurity and to show 'who' is actually using services at food banks. It's surprising to see, even in affluent neighbourhoods, the increasing need for such support. I hope this short film brings some humanity and compassion to the clients that take the brave step to enter the doors of their local food bank.

Best Actor (Vinny DeGaetano)
In the Backseat

Director/Writer/Producer: Harry Waldman

Key Cast "Kevin": Vinny DeGaetano

Country: United States

Overview: Two friends find themselves in a monetary predicament, so they start robbing apartments for some quick cash.

Director Statement: I try to create powerful films that make the viewer feel a wide range of emotions and convey ideas that will linger in the viewers' minds long after the credits roll.

Best Long Short
By Any Other Name

Director/Writer: Daniel Deville

Producer: Camilla Arnold

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Drama

Overview: "Within the chilling underworld of sex-trafficking, the heart-wrenching bond between two sisters unfolds. One sister, ensnared in the shadows of exploitation, fights for her very survival, while the other, a determined working-class mother, wages a relentless battle against insurmountable odds to bring her sister home"

Director Statement: Prepare to be captivated by the sheer intensity of 'By Any Other Name,' a film that navigates the darkest corners of life while illuminating the human capacity for hope. From its inception, the director's unwavering goal has been to tell an authentic story, unafraid to delve into the depths of human experience and explore the transformative power of passion. Brace yourself for a visceral and evocative journey that will leave an indelible mark on your soul, reminding you that even in the harshest of circumstances, light can emerge, and passion can be a lifeline.

Best Short
Turing Test

Director/Writer: Magnus Taljaard

Producers: Magnus Taljaard, Gabriel Figueiredo, Nan Eleanor Campbell, Ryan Posavec

Country: Canada

Project Type: Short

Overview: In an interview with an AI, testing its development, the boundaries between human and tech-made consciousness are questioned.

Director Biography: Born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1997, studied in Cape Town, and trained in Vancouver, Canada. Been a writer/storyteller for as long as he can remember.

Best Director
A Home for Christmas: A Foster Care Story
A Home for Christmas: A Foster Care Story

Director/Writer: Kevin Ruiz

Country: United States

Project Type: Drama, Holiday, Children

Overview: An orphan boy makes a wish to stay with his foster parents, but on the Eve of Christmas, he may have to leave once again.

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Short
The Shepherd
The Shepherd

Director/Writer: Ilya Plyusnin

Producer: Vasily Shestovets

Country: Armenia

Project Type: Short

Overview: A typical office plankton Leonid living a boring life under a load of daily issues, is struggling to finish the annual report for his obnoxious boss when he suddenly gets a chance to get hold of mighty powers and show the world who the real boss in the town is with a bit of help from unearthly invaders!

Director Biography: Born in Bishkek, he pursued a degree in economics but found his passion for filmmaking and game development during his school years. Computer games transitioned from a hobby to a career, while his film studio, 1st River, has remained a treasured pastime. He sees immense potential in both games and films to birth new worlds. Through cinema, he's driven to prove that filmmaking isn't exclusive to professionals but also open to enthusiasts. In 2013, 1st River released "Bad Luck," a short inspired by a sci-fi tale. The team later delved into horror with "The Basement." Their recent endeavor, "The Shepherd," skillfully melds sci-fi elements with contemporary issues like freedom, escapism, and workplace dynamics.

Best Art/Experimental Short
Son Rise, Son Shine
Son Rise, Son Shine

Director: Sasha Marie Speer

Writer: Gerald Ray Garth

Producers: Sasha Marie Speer, Serri William

Country: United States

Genres: Art/Experimental

Overview: A black man struggles to find his place in the world after not meeting society’s expectations. Son Rise, Son Shine is a short film about the journey of Gerald, a black, gay man, as he interacts with himself and the world from ages 6 to 40. Throughout the film, his 9-year-old self is acting as his inner bully, always telling him that the way he is doesn’t meet who he should be as a black man. That he isn’t good enough. That no one loves him. Through his different ages, we see Gerald struggle, but eventually finally find peace with who he is and his place in the world.

Director Statement: This film is a special one for me. I was asked to help bring this to life for the real Gerald's 40th birthday. In my interviews with him toward the beginning, I noticed that people knew his accomplishments, but it seemed that no one really knew him. This film was created to allow others to see him beyond his resume. To see what he had to rise above. To see the choices he had to make about what he decided to tell himself about his place in the world. To see what it really took to become a full black, gay man in today's world who is proud and at peace with himself.

Best Thriller/Horror Short
The Little Girl Eater

Director: Tizian Herzberger

Writers: Tizian Herzberger, Septimus Dale

Producers: Tizian Herzberger, Nelly Granson

Country: Germany

Project Type:Horror, Thriller, Short

Overview: A lonely fisherman is trapped under a shipwreck beneath an old pier. Threatened by the slowly approaching tide, he fights for survival. Things take an unexpected turn when eight-year-old misfit Miranda discovers him, while playing on the deserted beach.

Director Statement: I love each and every department's work on a film. Filmmaking gives me the freedom to combine all the different arts and merge them into one bigger piece. With "The Little Girl Eater," I introduce myself to the film world with my bachelor's graduation short film.

Best Microfilm

Director/Writer: Dave Inglis

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Overview: Miss Forester is having trouble getting hold of Missy. Missy is in the bath and doesn`t want to accept any calls.

Director Biography: Dave is a fully untrained writer, director, actor and modern day Dave Inglis. Dave started making short films in 2017. these include SYNT, lot 69, Fifty7 minutes and more recently Bath time. His work is generally received with a glimmer of pity however EVERY selection is an achievement for films with budgets ranging from £50 to £400.

Best Television Script
In All but Blood
In All but Blood

Writer: A. S. Templeton

Country: United States

Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama

Overview: On a colonized planet threatened by a solar storm, an Eagle Scout exploring the alien wilderness has a fateful encounter.

Best Student Director
Weather Boy
Weather Boy

Director/Writer: Boyan Borchakov

Producers: Boyan Borchakov, Teodora Stoimenova

Country: United Kingdom

Project Type: Short, Student

Overview: A frustrated art student reignites his creative passion when he discovers a mysterious design sketch left by his grand dad. With the help of his best friend, ambitious Mike aims to prove his worth by building the machine from the drawing. But he may have overlooked a ‘tiny’ detail. Technological genius or an utter failure – whatever the outcome, it will be an eye-opener for him.

Best Feature Documentary
The Mighty Mantaur

Director/Writer/Producer: Faustus McGreeves

Country: United States

Project Type: Documentary, Feature, Sports, Drama

Overview: The life of wrestler Mike Halac (WWE's Mantaur. ) How Wrestling broke him, this is not a story about wrestling, its a story of a man who wrestles.

Best Feature
Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir [ One Planet; One Family ]
Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir [ One Planet; One Family ]

Director/Writer: Venkata Krishna Roghanth

Producer: Essaki Durai

Country: India

Project Type: Feature

Overview: Punithan has a mysterious charm. He is not a riddle, though he appears to be one. Who is he? Where is he from? Where is he heading to? Why is he here? Answers will arrive only when he breaks his silence.

Director Statement: I have not experienced the hardships of refugee life. I have realized this through poems, essays, short stories, novels etc., written by refugees. The screenplay of the film is a collection of those experiences..

Best Short Screenplay

Writer: Kate Jirelle

Country: Australia

Project Type: Romance, Drama, Period, Period Drama, Short Script

Overview: In 1946 a traumatised young nurse unexpectedly reunites with the man she once loved aboard a dilapidated paddle steamer on the Murray River, and must confront the scars of the past as she wrestles with the question of whether something broken can ever truly be fixed.

Director Statement: 'Broken' is a script that is dedicated to those who have, and continue to struggle, with the the memories of their war service. Growing up, I have seen the effects that service had on the people that I have looked up to. Grandparents who have served on both sides of the World Wars, and the conflicts that have followed, and who continue to be effected by the memories that still haunt them.

Best Feature Screenplay
Proud Girls
Proud Girls

Writer: Leslie Flannery

Country: United States

Genres: Comedy

Overview: Proud Girls is political and sexual satire. Since the matriarchy took over America, male masturbation is the intentional killing of a human being. "Choose life” POTUS tells men, but if they can’t the government has a plan. It’s all fun and games until someone else has the power. Also, it's funny as hell watching women act like men.